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Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

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16mm AA+ large mixed color purple pink natural irregular 18 inches baroque freshwater coin pearl necklace

Item Name:

freshwater pearl necklace

Pearl size:
Pearl grade:
AA+ grade
necklace length:18 inches
Pearl shape:
Clasp:925 sterling silver clasp

                                         PRODUCT DESCRIPTION


Poly bag/Jewelry Pouch/ Jewelry Box

Delivery time:
2-7 working days


Payment term:

1.Bank transferl Paypal/ Western union/Alipaty/TT

2.Terms of Payment: EXW, FOB Shanghai

3.The buyer is responsible for shipping fee

                                        COMPANY INTRODUCTION


Zhuji Integrity Pearl Co., Ltd was founded in 2009,.we specialize in natural freshwater 

cultured pearl farming, processing and selling. We are located in Shanxiahu Town, 

Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, Our city is reputed as thehometown of pearls,90% 

freshwater pearls in the world is comingfrom our city.

Our pearl business begin from the father generation since 1980s, now have more than 

30 years experience in freshwater pearls. Rightnow we employ over 20 skilled worker 

and occupy a total of 3000acres pearl farm. Pragmatic and innovation promotes 

Integrity Pearlto its leading status in the freshwater pearl business.

Integrity Pearl supply various products from loose pearls, pearl strands, finished pearl 

jewellery and pearl accessories to the international market. Our company is active in 

major jewellery fairs too.

Our company has been committed to the large scale breeding of freshwater pearls for

 a long time, and has continuously expanded the area of breeding bases over the years. 

At present, the pearl products are based in China and exported to all regions of the 

world, and have a certain popularity in domestic and foreign markets. We have a 

professional foreign trade team, which will provide you with one- stop service from 

purchase to delivery.

We devote ourselves to the demand of customers,and we keep good quality, reasonable

 price and fast delivery as purpose, which wins us a good reputation among our customers.

                           OUR PEARL FARM



                           PHYSCIAL PEARL STORE




                           PEARL PROCESSING




                         COMPANY ADVANTAGE

1.More than30 years experience in freshwater pearl cultivation and production. 

More than15 years experience in foreign trade.  


2.We have our own design team, we make more than 20 new styles every week.

We can make sample according to customer’s requirement, and can OEM.

3.We do business with customers all around the world. Some of our big customers


4.Our products can pass many tests by SGS or BV, products are environmental and 

safe, all the materials used are nickel,lead and cadmium free.


5.We can guarantee timely delivery, competitive price, and good quality products.

 Do our best to service our customers.





Grade A Pearls

These are pearls that typically have highly irregular shapes or are semi-round if they are A grade round pearls. They usually are littered with small spots, markings or imperfections visible on their surface. These however may not be easy to see at a distance when worn. They usually don`t have the best luster but some A grade pearls can still look good. Some people also like the look of these pearls because they feel the imperfections make them look more “natural” since there`ll be no mistaking these pearls for glass or plastic imitations.

We typically do not carry A grade pearls in our store`s regular inventory. Even for pearl strands that we are selling for beading purpose, we are still using at least AA graded pearls, This is because the low level of pearl quality typically means it`s not desired, and therefore we only sell them as special orders. Just so that there will be no disappointment when customers order on line directly.

Grade AA Pearls

AA graded round pearls are round or near round shape. They are 80% good luster and relatively clean almost without significant or noticeable imperfections, less than 20% a bit lower. There may be some flaws or slight blemishes, but these are few and typically only revealed upon close inspection.

Grade AA+ Pearls

High luster pearls with clean surface over 90% in a round or near round shape. There are hardly any significant or noticeable imperfections and they are inconspicuous even upon close inspection. These pearls are a great value since they represent an amazing cross section of price and quality compared to the higher grades.

Grade AAA Pearls

Excellent lusterous pearls with a very round shape. They appear almost perfectly round and have a surface that`s 95% free of any blemishes, spots or imperfection. These are the highest standard grade of pearls that you`ll be able to readily buy on loose strands, necklaces or bracelets and also the highest grade in the A grading standard for pearls.

                        HOW TO DISTINGUISH 

                     REAL AND FAKE PEARLS? 


Do you know how to distinguish the authenticity of pearls?
In addition to the natural freshwater pearls and seawater pearls mentioned earlier, 

there are also many fake pearls on the market, such as shell pearls, plastic pearls, 

glass pearls, and so on.

It is difficult for ordinary people to judge the authenticity of pearls with the naked 

eye! Although pearls for daily wear are not expensive, we also want to make every

 penny I spend worth it.

The most effective method:

1. Look at the color. The luster of natural pearls is more natural and transparent, 

and each pearl has its own growth attribute. Basically, each pearl grows differently, 

while the imitation pearls are bright in color and uniform in color. Each pearl looks

 exactly the same!

2. Look at the weight. A pearl of the same size, natural pearls will have a more tactile

 feel, and there will be a solid sense of weight on the handle, while imitation pearls 

are relatively light and floating, and the obvious feeling on the handle is plastic!

3. Listen to the sound. Two natural pearls rubbing against each other will make a 

rustling sound, and the surface layer of pearl powder will also be worn off. However,

 after being absorbed by the skin, it will restore its original appearance. When imitation

 pearls rub against each other, the surface is very smooth and will not lose pearl powder. 

Multiple rubs will wear off the surface coating and cannot restore its original appearance!

                           HOW TO CHOOSE PEARL SHAPES?


Regarding the shape of pearls, I believe everyone has seen various shapes of pearls. 

The shape of a pearl refers to an external form of the pearl, and under the same quality

 conditions, the rounder the pearl, the higher its value.


From this picture, you can see that besides the common round pearls, many pearls are 

actually non circular, some are ellipses, some are water droplets, pears, flat circles, 

and some are heteromorphs, which look very casual. Therefore, the shape of a pearl 

itself is vastly different, and it is also various. It is the same size as our human body, 

different from men and women, There are all kinds of differences between tall, short,

 fat and thin. In terms of shape, there are no two people who are exactly the same in

 the world. Even the recognized beauty has different characteristics in all aspects, 

such as her three circumference. So when it comes to pearls, the best pearl that meets 

the standards of beauty is round. So, under the same quality conditions, the rounder 

the pearl, the higher its value. This is the closest rule to determine the value of a pearl 

and its shape.


So, on the other hand, is it true that the less round a pearl is, the less valuable it is? 

Actually, it's not necessarily the case, so let me talk about the second rule here. When 

we talk about irregular shaped pearls, we just mentioned that the shape is particularly

 bad, strange, and special. If it can be cleverly designed and applied, it will achieve 

unexpected aesthetic effects and high artistic value. Therefore, many designers who

 do jewelry design are very fond of irregular shaped pearls.


So the above is the double rule shared with everyone about the shape of pearls, and 

I would like to repeat it here:


The first rule is that under the same quality conditions, the higher the roundness of 

a pearl, the higher its value. Round pearls have the highest value, followed by round



The second rule is that irregular shaped pearls have lower value? In fact, it may not 

necessarily be possible. If cleverly applied and designed, unexpected aesthetic effects

 and extremely high artistic value can be achieved.

                    HOW TO DISTINGUISH PEARL SIZE?


Below 7mm: This type of pearl is often suitable for designing fashionable and fresh styles, and this type of jewelry is also particularly popular among young girls!


7-9mm: Pearls of this size are generally favored by most people and have a delicate overall appearance.


10mm to 11mm: Pearls of this size are already quite rare, much more expensive than regular sized pearls, and are mostly designed as inlaid styles.



Above 11mm: Pearls of this size are only found in three pearl varieties: Edison from fresh water,Southsea pearls from seawater, and Tahitian pearls, with an exponential growth rate


The size is · magnitude

The so-called "seven parts are pearls, eight parts are treasures" is based on the size of pearls, and the larger the size, the higher the value of pearls.

The size of each type of pearl is constrained by its growth environment and the life characteristics of the mother shell, and cannot have dimensions beyond the life characteristics.


All natural pearls are naturally long, not like jade beads, which can be made infinitely large by cutting everything from a large piece of material and grinding it again. Natural pearls are all grown in size.

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