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Coat+pearls, sweater+pearls, this combination can help you achieve new heights in autumn and winter!

October 25,2023

In the past year, the presence of pearl accessories has been very high, and it has been frequently exposed on bloggers, celebrities, and shows since last year.

Pearl necklaces  lack the publicity of metal necklaces or the childlike charm of resin necklaces.

But it is classic and graceful, never outdated, suitable for both dignified and elegant formal wear, and comfortable and casual private life.

So trendy people love to use it to add crazy points to their designs!


It is evident that the love for pearl necklaces among fashionable elites has reached a point!

So what size of pearl should I choose for a pearl necklace?

Simply put, the larger the pearl, the more elegant and luxurious it is, while the smaller the pearl, the fresher and more delicate it is.


The 8mm to 9mm pearl is the most versatile and popular type of pearl this year. It is perfect for daily wear, not too exaggerated, but also has a sense of existence, with a touch of retro.

Small diameter pearl necklaces with a diameter of 5mm or less are more delicate and subtle, and many people will use them to stack with other necklaces without much selection and matching. They can handle basic shapes.


Pearls with a diameter of 10mm or more may appear slightly exaggerated and not very everyday. They are also very selective in their design and matching.

If you also want to keep up with a trend and try trendy pearl necklaces, you may want to look down and find the matching scheme that suits you~

01 Pearl necklace+coat

The pearl necklace is truly a classic character in Grandma's jewelry box. When paired with a coat, it exudes a unique style, especially with retro colors that catch the eye at a glance

Wearing a uniform coat and adding a pearl necklace can instantly make the look trendy!


The collision between the pure white and warm pearls and the overcoat is always eye-catching and astonishing, with a high-profile yet sedimentary charm, making the overcoat no longer just imposing, but more elegant and romantic~

If you want the femininity of time, you can try pairing it with a white coat. With just a touch of red lips, you can stunning time.

A black coat for everyone, to save boredom, just pair it with a pearl necklace to light up the entireoutfit, filling the sense of fragmentation and story standing in the wind!


02 Pearl necklace+knit

A winter inspired knit, embellished with a pearl necklace, two pieces of different styles collide in unexpected harmony. Equipped with film filters, it exudes a warm and retro vibe.


Change to a pink brown contrasting sweater, which has a more girlish vibe. You can also choose larger beads for the pearl necklace to match it, and the contrasting collision feeling is really amazing!

This kind of difficult to control long hair knitting can also be suppressed with a  pearl necklace, which brings out the golden temperament?


Sweaters with more complex patterns can also use the same approach, paying attention to shortening the length, which can make them more exquisite when floating on the sweater. The integrated design is both exquisite and retro!


03 Pearl necklace+sweater

A sweater that is suitable for three seasons a year, a pearl necklace can weaken its casual atmosphere and instead more express retro and artistic elements.


In the previous set of pictures where the beaver paid tribute to Princess Diana, almost all were presented in a combination of sweaters and pearls, with a unique charm!


This casual, retro, and slightly exquisite feeling of laziness is really unbearable! What other accessories can wear such a tone!

And this kind of outfit is really effortless for ordinary people to reproduce, belonging to the type that can be trendy even if it's "casually worn"!

After flipping through N images, it was found that the pearl necklace and gray sweater really match each other, both of which are low-key and elegant styles. No matter how they are paired, they are very impressive!


You can also add Boyish elements to the pairing, as the elegance of pearls will create a wonderful chemical reaction with their coolness, instantly transforming into fashion essence.


04 Pearl necklace+skirt

There is no accessory more suitable for a skirt than a pearl necklace!

It is elegant and unobtrusive, but it cannot conceal its unique radiance. The combination with skirts has always been a favorite combination for women, perfectly interpreting elegance and nobility~

The short pearl picker will be more classical and romantic, paired with a small skirt to be the runaway princess!

You can also switch to a small black dress, with an elegant and retro tone that matches the pearl necklace, showcasing a luxurious look. (Remember to wear a coat in winter)


For a minimalist dress that exudes a sense of sophistication, it's perfect to pair it with a pearl necklace. The subtle thrusting enhances the texture of the design~

Especially as the New Year approaches, various annual gatherings have been put on the agenda, and using pearl necklaces to enhance the texture of war gowns can really win a lot, instantly filling the mind with a luxury dinner!


How's it going? You must be very excited about pearl jewelry when you see it here!

So, if you have your own pearl necklace, wear it in autumn and winter! Let the pearl necklace transform into a beautiful scenery in the dry autumn and winter.

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