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How is a pearl necklace the most beautiful to wear?

November 04,2023

Although  pearl necklaces  are versatile, one must also learn to wear them in order to enhance one's beauty. Below, the editor will introduce several tips on pearl dressing:

Matching skin tone with pearl color

The prerequisite for choosing the color of Pearls is a preference for the color of pearls, just like a preference for the color tones of clothing. According to expert experience, most black skinned and yellow skinned people belong to the "winter color" category. The most suitable color tone for clothing is clear, high concentration cool colors such as pink, white, blue, and red, which can make you look more radiant and full of spring breeze.

There is an easy color test to help choose pearls, which is to try on white, light pink, and apricot colored clothes and observe which color makes you look more beautiful. If you want others to pay special attention to your pearls, you can choose a color that contrasts with your skin tone.

Harmonious matching of jewelry, clothing, and occasions

It is generally believed that rough and loose jewelry can be paired with loose clothing, such as casual wear, denim clothing, etc; Compact and delicate pearl jewelry, such as various decors and three set necklaces, should be paired with tight and revealing clothing, such as evening gowns and cheongsam, to achieve a harmonious and consistent style of pearl jewelry and clothing, achieving a complementary effect.

Pearl necklace and clothing neckline

Long pearl necklaces should be paired with clothing with larger collar openings, while shorter necklaces can be paired with clothing with smaller openings. According to the principle of mutual contrast, the chicken heart collar should choose an arc shaped pearl necklace, and the cheongsam and wedding dress without openings should choose a longer pearl necklace, which can appear dignified and elegant.


Pearl jewelry and occasions

Pearl jewelry is superior to diamonds in that it not only reflects the noble temperament that diamonds can embody, but also succeeds and wins in grand occasions such as weddings, banquets, and dances. It is also suitable for more ordinary occasions, such as modern women's professional attire, holiday leisure attire, and so on.

During daily work, simple and elegant professional women's clothing should be paired with a suitable set of pearl jewelry to make others fully feel your shrewdness and achieve the desired results. Of course, on weekends, a relaxed and casual outfit paired with one or two exquisite and simple pearl jewelry is also a good pairing.

Matching facial shapes

For those with a long face, it is advisable to choose short and thick or double or triple row pearl necklaces. Earrings can be large round shaped Pearl earrings, which can shorten the face shape.


On the contrary, those with short faces should wear slender or pendants. For those with round faces, slender jewelry with vertical lines, such as thin chain, rod earrings, or pearl necklaces with pendants, can be chosen to elongate the face.

For those with a triangular face shape, the inverted triangular face, also known as the melon seed face, does not require much jewelry style and can be freely chosen.

The regular triangular shape is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and larger eardrops can generally be chosen to cover the lower jaw with one corner of short hair. You can also wear a prominent hairpin or hairpin at the temples of the fluffy hairstyle to increase the width of the upper forehead. For  necklaces, choose long pearl necklaces with elongated effects to achieve overall harmony and consistency, achieving an effect that makeup cannot achieve.


The length of a pearl necklace with one inch more and one centimeter less is exquisite

Length: About 30CM, above the clavicle


This type of necklace is relatively short and only wraps around the neck just above the collarbone, tightly fitting the neck. It is suitable for people with a long face and can make the face look more rounded; If several collar chains of the same style are worn at the same time or multiple row collar chains are chosen, paired with V-neck clothing or low cut evening dresses, the classical charm is truly captivating.

Length: 41CM, just reaching or slightly exceeding the clavicle


This length of necklace is the most classic and popular, and almost every gemstone made of different materials cannot do without it. Classics have a reason: this length of necklace is very practical and rarely unsuitable for people to wear. It is suitable for pairing with various clothing and can be worn in various occasions. Whether entering or leaving the workplace, attending cocktail parties, attending friend gatherings, or accompanying family, wearing a pearl necklace can show your elegant and dignified posture, and it is natural and not intentional at all.

Length: 45-48CM, located around the collar line under the collarbone


Wearing a necklace of this length can just form a V-shaped line on the front, which is very suitable for sisters with round faces or less slender necks, making our faces and necks more symmetrical once worn. If paired with a high collar shirt and added with a pendant, the noble princess temperament cannot be hidden.

Length: 50-58CM, approximately at the position of the bra

Like the previous one, it is also suitable for sisters with round faces and short necks. In addition, the pearl necklace of this length is more casual, suitable for occasions with relaxed atmosphere or business activities. Casual clothes, professional clothes, and long skirts are also affordable.

Length: 70-90CM, on the chest or slightly over


A square faced girl wearing an opera shaped pearl necklace can help round your edges. Whether paired with formal dresses or casual casual attire, it can bring an excellent sense of layering.

Due to its length advantage, in addition to being worn in a regular single loop, it can also create more styles: wrap it in two loops to transform it into a collar shaped chain, transform into a classical beauty, or tie a knot above the collar or chest to form a fancy necklace, which immediately becomes vivid.

Length: 120CM, can grow up to around the waist


It is also a must-have choice for square faced girls, and like opera necklaces, it can play with a variety of styles.

Overall, the length matching of pearl necklaces is: narrow faced people should choose short necklaces, while wide faced people should choose long necklaces.

Have you learned how to introduce so much? Hurry up and choose the one that suits you!

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