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How is the luster of pearls refined?

November 14,2023

In our eyes, Pearls  are always so mysterious and charming, their luster is like a dream, as if hiding endless stories.

So, have you ever thought about how the luster of pearls is refined?

Firstly, we need to understand that pearl luster is not something that can be artificially created, but rather the formation of pearl shells through long-term growth and accumulation in the natural environment. This process can be said to be the miraculous work of nature and the magical power of life.

When a grain of sand or parasite enters the body of pearl oysters, they will feel uncomfortable. In order to protect themselves, they will secrete a substance called nacreous, which will wrap up this foreign substance. As time goes by, pearl oysters continuously secrete pearl matter, and this small sand particle will gradually become the pearl we see. The luster of pearls is formed by the light reflected from the layers of nacreous material.

Pearly texture is composed of many tiny crystals arranged tightly, forming many tiny voids. When light shines on the surface of pearls, it is reflected and refracted by these gaps, forming the kind of luster we see. This is like tiny mirrors reflecting light, forming the luster of pearls.

Moreover, the luster of pearls also changes with changes in light, which is what we often refer to as the "color of pearls". Under sunlight, pearls will show a golden luster; Under moonlight, pearls will exhibit a silver white luster. It's like pearls playing hide and seek with us, showing different faces as the light changes.


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So, is the luster of pearls the same for all pearls?

The answer is different. The luster of pearls is influenced by factors such as the thickness, density, crystal size, and arrangement of the pearl material. Generally speaking, the thicker the quality of pearls, the better their luster; The smaller the crystal, the closer the arrangement, and the better the luster of the pearl. This is why some pearls have a luster like jade, while others have poor luster.

Pearl, a gem of nature, has always attracted people's attention with its unique luster. However, did you know? The luster of pearls actually has different levels, and the gloss performance of different levels of pearls will also vary. So, how is the luster of pearls graded?

We need to understand that the luster of pearls mainly depends on the thickness and density of the pearl material, the size and arrangement of crystals, and the breeding environment of pearls. Generally speaking, different levels of pearl luster are usually divided into four main levels: Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Excellent: Excellent pearl luster is the highest level, and they have a very bright, full, and uniform luster. No matter from any angle of observation, bright light can be seen reflected.

Good: The good pearl luster is also very attractive, but slightly inferior to the excellent grade. These pearls still have a visible bright luster, but may be slightly affected at certain angles, showing slight shadows or dimness.

Medium: A moderate level of pearl luster shows a certain degree of shine, but overall appears relatively dull. The reflection of light is not uniform, and some discontinuous spots or stripes may appear.

Average: Pearls of average grade have relatively poor luster. Light can only reflect slightly at specific angles, while other angles may exhibit a dull or matte appearance.

These levels are not absolute, but rather a relative evaluation criterion. In the pearl market, experienced experts usually use eyes and instruments to evaluate the luster of pearls, and then classify and grade them.

Gloss is one of the important factors in measuring the value of pearls, as it directly affects the beauty and attractiveness of pearls. When choosing pearls, gloss is a key consideration, but other factors such as shape, color, size, and surface quality should also be taken into account to obtain the most ideal pearl.

The luster of pearls is like a gift given to us by nature. It makes pearls more beautiful and fills us with awe at the miraculous craftsmanship of nature. Every pearl is a treasure of nature, and their luster is the language of nature, telling the story of life.


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So, the next time you see a pearl, you might as well take a few more glances and try to feel the shine emanating from inside out, which may be a unique expression of nature towards you.

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