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How much do you know about Baroque pearls?

July 22,2023

In our impression, Pearls  may be selected based on their roundness and crystal clarity, but now with the diversification of aesthetics, more and more people have fallen in love with the spontaneous growth of Baroque pearls. Baroque pearls have also appeared in many fashion magazines and fashion shows, entering everyone's vision.

Baroque is a transliteration of BARROCO.

This word originated from the Portuguese word Barrovo, meaning "non round pearls", specifically referring to pearls with strange shapes.

But at the same time, this term is also used to describe irregularly shaped objects or unusual actions. In the 18th century, when people used this term to describe art, it usually had a derogatory meaning. After the middle of the 19th century, art historians gradually regarded Baroque as a feature of the times between the Renaissance and Classicism. Only then did Baroque get rid of the negative implication and become a recognized great European art style.


1.Introduction to Baroque Pearls

The reason why special-shaped pearls are called baroque pearls is that Baroque has gorgeous and diversified styles and pursues irregular forms, which coincides with the characteristics of heterosexual pearls. Its strangeness and irregularity make it play a great role in the hands of stylists. A plain and ordinary shaped pearl can be transformed into an art exhibit through excellent design. The unique shape and non replicable characteristics make every 'Baroque pearl' a unique and unique piece.

The main direction of Baroque pearl jewelry is to use the shape of Baroque pearls as the starting point for creation, explore the possibility of Baroque pearls combining with other specific things, or emphasize the charm of Baroque pearls themselves. The different shapes of Baroque pearls give designers a lot of room to play. The secondary creation originating from the pearl itself and the unique ideas of each designer together construct the appeal of Baroque pearls.


2.The Beauty of Baroque Pearl Fragmentation

Baroque pearls have both classical and fragmentary beauty, just like Venus with a broken arm. It is precisely because of imperfections that they are left blank that people have endless imagination of beauty.

For diamonds, flaws are considered a defect, but for Baroque pearls, the opposite is true, as they are known for their uniqueness. No two Baroque pearls are exactly the same, which gives designers more space for artistic creation and expression of Baroque pearls. The expression of individuality also makes Baroque pearls stand out as a trendy choice for those who do not want to conform.

I particularly like those exotic pearls with tragic backgrounds and beautiful looks, because when I get close to them and feel their skin, I find that their radiance is so amazing. Their beauty is incomparable to standard pearls, because they always have the same personality, the same nature, the same effort to showcase alternative euphemisms, and different enchanting lives

——- Japanese artist Yasuki Kurokawa


3.The Origin of Baroque Pearls

There are many origins of Baroque pearls, and almost every place where pearls are produced has a special shape of Baroque pearls. Therefore, Baroque pearls include both freshwater and seawater pearls. The baroque pearls in China are mainly produced in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. Most of them are  freshwater pearls, including ordinary coreless pearls and various kinds of nucleated pearls such as deformed keshi, biwa and coin.


4.Baroque pearls of different shapes

The nucleated and irregular pearls in freshwater pearls have different shapes, sizes, and colors, mainly including Keshi pearls, Twin pearls, Potato pearls, Coin pearls, Teardrop pearls, Leaf pearls, Heart pearls, Egg pearls, Stick pearls, Cross pearls, Rice pearls, and many other types. However, in Jewellery design, not all shapes will be sought after, and more attention will be paid to the pearlescence and luster of pearls. So when choosing Baroque pearl jewelry, it is important to carefully check whether the shape and style of the pearls match our needs.


5. Appreciation of Baroque pearls

The "Laozi Pearl" discovered in the Philippines in 1943 is currently the largest Baroque pearl in the world, weighing 6350g, measuring 241mm in length and 139mm in width. It is the largest natural seawater pearl discovered in the world. The "Laozi Pearl", also known as the "Balawang Pearl" and "Allah's Pearl", is often referred to as the "Laozi Pearl" due to its resemblance to the ancient Chinese Taoist ancestor "Laozi".


The most famous work is a late 16th century Italian pendant called 'Canning Jewel'. A large Baroque pearl perfectly depicts the body of a mermaid, while the rest is made of gold and enamel. Showing astonishing boldness and unruly behavior.


With the changes of the times, Baroque pearls are no longer limited to a certain style. Modern designers have been inspired by the shape of Baroque pearls, and their designs for Baroque pearls have emerged endlessly, showcasing the beauty of the pearls themselves with agile designs. In the past, the irregularity of irregular pearls as flaws could only be reduced to the fate of being ground into powder, which was rewritten in the hands of designers. A good designer is to Baroque pearls what Bole is to a thousand miles. The uniqueness of each pearl is magnified in the hands of the designer, with its "extraordinary" temperament and unmodified appearance, such as the agility of animals in the ocean and the designer's own understanding and design approach to pearls, making every piece unique and indescribable.


6.The Meaning and Symbol of Baroque Pearls

1). Unlimited possibilities

The Symbolic Meaning of Baroque Pearls

Infinite possibility is one of the main meanings of Baroque pearls. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped and irregular shaped pearls, and in the eyes of artists, irregular pearls have infinite possibilities of beauty, which can present a natural sense of beauty.

2). Healthy and Long Life

In addition, Baroque pearls also symbolize health and longevity. In Western culture, pearls are considered the birthstone of June, and people believe that pearls can bring peace and health to people. Therefore, many people like to wear pearl based jewelry on their bodies.


7.Who is suitable for wearing Baroque pearls

Although pearls with a round body and soft luster may be more valuable, many people go straight beyond the classics and instead favor Baroque pearls of various shapes. Indeed, if you like pearls but want to pursue unique styles, Baroque pearls are a good choice. However, is Baroque pearls really suitable for everyone to wear? How to choose Baroque pearls?

In many fashion shows, Baroque has always been a popular fashion item on the list. It can be elegant, gentle, exquisite, and cool, and it can help you achieve the style you want.

Baroque pearls are usually more cost-effective than other types of pearls. Due to the fact that most pearls are not round and perfect enough, Baroque pearls are easier to obtain. But the production of Baroque pearl jewelry is much more difficult than traditional round pearls. In this way, if you have no special requirements for the shape of pearls and have limited budget, Baroque pearls are an excellent choice.

Whether it is Minimalism, bold design or simple style, baroque pearls are suitable for daily wear and can meet our daily needs. By selecting different types of Baroque pearls, the fun of changing the necklace can be increased, and the variety of colors, sizes, and glosses presented in a piece of jewelry will also be more exquisite and distinctive. The Baroque pearl Choker necklace and other collarbone chains can be worn together to bring a retro style to the forefront.


8.Are there any fake Baroque pearls?


Baroque pearls can be fake, so it's best to go to a specialty store to buy pearls. There are several ways to distinguish between true and false:

Rub two pearls against each other with slight force, and real pearls will have a rough and sandy feeling; And there will be pearl powder appearing. After wiping off the pearl powder by hand, the surface of the pearl returns to a smooth state, which is true pearl. And those that slip and do not show pearl powder are fake pearls.

Suitable for jewelry made of multiple pearls strung together, carefully observing the shape and luster of pearls. True pearls have a natural iridescence, and in a necklace, the size, shape, and luster of each pearl may vary slightly

Because pearls are natural products, it is impossible to make every pearl as absolute as the fake pearls made by machine molds. The shape of fake pearls is mostly circular, with a very uniform rainbow and luster, making them look fake.

4. Observing the surface of pearls with a tenfold magnifying glass, one can see that the shape of a sand dune blown by the wind is real pearls, because pearls are layered with a scaly pearl like texture. Under a magnifying glass, a clear sense of sheet like coverage can be seen; The surface of fake pearls is as uneven as that of eggs.

9. Is Baroque Pearl Worth Buying

When it comes to whether Baroque is worth money or not, we cannot generalize. It can be said that the value of the vast majority of Baroque pearls is not higher than that of round pearls. However, when they are large enough, with delicate skin light, and a unique color emanating from their "rugged" appearance, they are more likely to present a sense of luxury, break the rational tranquility and harmony, and have a strong romantic color. They are easier to create a sense of space and three-dimensional sense, break the balance, change the plane, and emphasize hierarchy and depth than round pearls. With so many advantages, how can one not be the favored object of designers!


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