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How to distinguish the quality of pearls

July 14,2023

Good morning everyone

I don't know if you have noticed that  pearl jewelry  has really become more and more popular in the past two years. Fashion icons are popular regardless of their style, and their appearances in magazines and street photos are also very high.


In the jewelry industry, there is a jewelry item

Can make women fall for it

Let women at every stage

It can exude charm, it is——


The impression that Pearls leave on people is mostly noble, elegant, gentle, and dignified, as well as the stereotype that only mothers can wear them. Therefore, some young girls dare not easily try them out for fear of being too mature.

But in recent years, the fashion of pearl accessories has skyrocketed, with many innovative styles and matching choices. The most popular combination is the "sweater+pearl short chain", where seemingly unrelated elements collide to create a sense of aging and retro style~


Women with pearls

Most Beautiful

Pearl  is a treasure born from the ocean and lakes. For thousands of years, people have not only been impressed by its beauty, but also regarded it as a symbol of wealth and status

Factors such as size, roundness, pearlescence, blemishes, and color can all affect the quality and price of pearls, making many fashionable experts find it difficult to choose pearls and have no choice.

Pearlescence is the luster of beads.

The brighter the surface luster of the bead, the more precious it is, and the higher its value.

Generally, we refer to the mirror effect on the surface of the bead as a reference, and those with a mirror effect resembling a human figure are called the strongest pearl. Such beads are very expensive, one in a million.

The larger the bead, the more defects it often has, making it more difficult to achieve a good pearlescent effect. For example, AKOYA beads, which are also sea pearls, are relatively small and have the best pearlescence, while Australian white beads, although very expensive, have much lower pearlescence due to their larger size.


Pearl  is the soul

As the saying goes, 'pearl luster and treasure' indicate that the charm of pearls is mainly reflected in their pearl luster!

Gloss is the soul of pearls. A pearl without luster or with poor glossiness is like a stone, lacking some spiritual energy. We can place the pearl on a clean white soft cloth to see if it has a warm luster.

Secondly, when viewed against the light, good pearls can see colorful irises and have a certain sense of layering. If the quality of pearls is good, they can also see a texture like a metal sphere, and even reflect our pupils.


The luster of a true pearl, like the person with a white and red hue;

The luster of fake pearls is like a dummy whose entire face turns pale to reflect light. Although they are all white, their appearance is different

The size is · magnitude

The so-called "seven parts are pearls, eight parts are treasures" is based on the size of pearls, and the larger the size, the higher the value of pearls.

The size of each type of pearl is constrained by its growth environment and the life characteristics of the mother shell, and cannot have dimensions beyond the life characteristics.

All natural pearls are naturally long, not like jade beads, which can be made infinitely large by cutting everything from a large piece of material and grinding it again. Natural pearls are all grown in size.


Below 7mm: This type of pearl is often suitable for designing fashionable and fresh styles, and this type of jewelry is also particularly popular among young girls!

7-9mm: Pearls of this size are generally favored by most people and have a delicate overall appearance.

10mm to 11mm: Pearls of this size are already quite rare, much more expensive than regular sized pearls, and are mostly designed as inlaid styles.

Above 11mm: Pearls of this size are only found in three pearl varieties: Edison from fresh water, Southsea pearls from seawater, and Tahitian pearls, with an exponential growth rate,the pearls over 11mm are very rare and always use for 18k fittings.


Pearls are organic gemstones

This word has never been heard on jade in the past, because jade is not an organic gemstone, and pearls are organic gemstones. What is an organic gemstone? Organic gemstones are organic minerals or organic gemstones formed by the interaction of ancient and modern organisms that meet the requirements of gemstone craftsmanship. It comes from organic materials that are derived from organisms and cannot be artificially synthesized.

For example, humans are organisms, and animals are also organisms. Using an inappropriate example to help understand, it can be considered that organic gemstones originate from living organisms. Pearl is an organic gemstone that is nurtured from the shell of a clam. Similar to coral, it is also an organism.

There is a key point above: it cannot be artificially synthesized. The meaning of this sentence is not to say that counterfeiting is not allowed. There are many fake pearls, but to say that the composition of fake organic gemstones is completely different from that of real organic gemstones. For example, real pearls can be ground into powder for consumption, while fake pearls are completely useless. Real corals can be used for medicine, while fake corals are not, because fake imitations only imitate a certain appearance, and the composition is completely different. In this regard, it is different from the counterfeiting of inorganic jewelry. Taking diamonds as an example, diamonds are inorganic gemstones. Synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds have exactly the same chemical composition, which means that diamonds can be artificially synthesized (although synthetic diamonds are called fake diamonds, they do have exactly the same chemical composition as natural diamonds).

It is nurtured by living organisms and cannot be artificially synthesized.

The size is determined by the growth environment and the life characteristics of the mother shell

Color is temperament

Natural freshwater pearl color only have white,pink and purple.Many people have a misconception about the color of pearls. They feel that the whiter the color of pearls, the better. However, in fact, pearls also have vastly different colors depending on different varieties


Defects are inevitable

The pearls produced under the miraculous craftsmanship of nature actually have subtle differences.

This is also something that must be considered when choosing pearls. The fewer acne, spots, pits, and spots on the surface, the better.

Pearls belong to organic jewelry naturally raised by nature, and cannot be polished or processed like jade or other jewelry. Therefore, there is no flawless pearl in this world.

During the growth process of natural pearls, it is inevitable that there will be some growth marks, such as spiral lines, which are common natural defects.

We only produce high-end pearls with almost no obvious spiral or growth patterns. It's not that natural pearls do not have these defects, but because we choose some high-end products, we rarely see such obvious defects.


Generally speaking, when we receive it, if no defects are visible from a distance of 0.5m, it is considered an acceptable standard, but of course, this is only a general standard.

Use a magnifying glass to find defects, if they cannot be found

That's the ultimate product. For the defect aspect,

We can distinguish in this way

Roundness is · Appearance value

Pearl shapes include circular, semicircular, pear shaped, oblate, and irregular shapes. Generally, round pearls are considered the highest quality pearls and are more popular among Chinese people, with greater collectible value

The rounder the pearls, the more beautiful they become. The larger and more rounded the pearls, the more beautiful they appear like a full moon. Combined with luster, it creates a hazy artistic beauty.


Round are the most difficult to cultivate shapes, so they are the most precious.

However, irregular Baroque is often the favorite of designers.In recent years, the sales of Baroque shaped pearls have led the way, with more people liking these exotic pearls.This shape can make more jewelry with different styles.

At present, the pearl products are based in China and exported to all regions of the world, and have a certain popularity in domestic and foreign markets. We have a professional foreign trade team, which will provide you with one- stop service from purchase to delivery.

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