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Invisible pearl earring selection skills

December 20,2023

 Pearls  are elegant gemstones loved by many female friends, and their unique feminine charm has captivated countless socialites. Pearl  earrings, due to their elegance and delicacy, can be worn in any season and occasion, and are especially favored by beauty loving women. However, the Pearl earrings on the market are mixed with good and bad, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false. Many people feel at a loss when choosing pearls, fearing to buy counterfeit and inferior products. The reason why everyone is confused is ultimately due to a lack of understanding of pearls. In fact, there are skills to choose pearl jewelry, especially pearl earrings. Below, the editor will take you to understand the rules that must be followed when choosing pearl earrings!

Among all jewelry, earrings are the closest accessory to the face. A pair of suitable earrings can best harmonize your face shape and add points to your temperament. Therefore, selecting a suitable pearl earring is definitely a skill that you must cultivate. As a woman, three parts are destined, seven parts rely on dressing up. A unique and elegant pearl earring can add your charm and details, making you stand out in the crowd.

Pay attention to the quality of pearls


This is the first factor to consider when purchasing any pearl jewelry. Specifically, it depends on the size, shape, and luster of the pearl. The rounder the shape, the brighter the luster, and the better the quality of the pearl. Of course, the price will also rise. For pearl earrings, good pearl quality is particularly important as it will add points to a person's temperament. Conversely, lower quality pearls will appear low-end and cheap. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to checking if there is any excess glue overflowing from the pearls and earrings.

Choose earrings based on face shape


The main purpose of wearing pearl earrings is to make the whole person look more beautiful and coordinated, so when choosing earrings, it is necessary to choose according to the corresponding face shape.

Generally speaking, girls with round faces should try not to choose large and round pearl earrings, as these earrings will deepen the feeling of fullness on their faces. Round faced girls can usually choose a slightly dynamic small pendant, with a streamlined design being the best. The streamlined earrings not only visually elongate your face shape, but also make people overlook your rounded and plump facial lines.

When choosing earrings for square faced girls with sharp edges, it is advisable to choose streamlined earrings and circular earrings with a slight curvature, which can better add a sense of agility to square faced girls.

Unlike round and square faced girls, the biggest taboo for long faced girls is undoubtedly streamlined earrings! Paired with streamlined earrings, your slender face can only magnify your flaws without any embellishment effect. Therefore, for girls with long faces, the most suitable ones are still delicate small earrings. If you want some exaggerated styling, round earrings are also a good choice.

Triangle shaped earrings with a wide top and narrow bottom are particularly suitable for girls with exaggerated water droplet styles. They not only balance the shape of your face, but also elongate the lines of your profile. A particularly slim cone-shaped face, when paired with earrings, it is necessary to avoid the same wide top and narrow bottom shape as much as possible, such as peach heart shape and triangle shape. These earrings cannot be used at all!

Ladies with naturally beautiful melon seed faces, as long as you don't match them very strangely, there won't be any major mistakes in your earring style selection. But don't be too confident and overlook other details. Besides the style, color, or material, attention should also be paid. Since heaven has spared you the trouble of choosing earring styles, let's make good use of them, choose multiple materials, and become more colorful beauties.

Pay attention to distinguishing between artificial pearls and natural pearls


Natural pearls come in various forms, with natural rainbow pearls and metallic reflections, so each pearl has a different luster. Even a pair of earrings and two beads can have differences, and the growth process of the beads will leave small growth defects on the pearl. Even the best quality beads will have small defects upon closer inspection. The shape of artificial beads is neat and uniform, and each bead is perfect and identical. Natural pearls feel astringent when rubbing against each other, and also astringent when rubbing against glass. False pearls feel smooth when rubbing against each other, and false pearls also feel smooth when rubbing against glass; When pearls touch the skin, there is a cool feeling. Breathing at the pearls with your mouth will create an air mist on the surface; False beads feel smooth when touching the skin.

Selection of pearl earring styles for different occasions


1)When going to work, simple pearl earrings can be worn with a set, and attention should be paid to the inlay. If the workmanship is too rough, it will reduce the quality of the earrings.

2)Wearing exaggerated geometric earrings during daily leisure, the rugged earrings, and the gypsy style giant circular rings have a wild flavor.

There are countless styles of pearl earrings, but as long as you master the above pearl earring style selection techniques, you will definitely find the most suitable pearl earring for yourself, find the corresponding and harmonious earrings to wear and decorate, so as to make your face shape perfect and display extraordinary demeanor and temperament.

Choose the appropriate pearl size


When we purchase and choose pearl earrings, we often struggle to determine the appropriate size for ourselves?

1)3-4mm is suitable for ear hole maintenance, or it looks great when stacked with large earrings, the same size as Zhou Xun

2)5-6mm can be used as plain nails, suitable for special professions such as teachers, nurses, civil servants in ZF units, etc. Small and exquisite

3)6-7mm is very daily, and can be used as a plain nail. It is suitable for sisters with small earlobes to wear in the workplace, daily life and parties

4)8-9mm large earlobe entry-level basic model, eye-catching on the upper ear

5)10-11mm The point where most sisters will start, classic and versatile, without earlobe

6)The presence of 11-12mm is just right, and even a little more or less flavor is not right! Suitable for sisters who are afraid of being small but don't want to be big

7) 12-13mm is suitable for formal occasions, with a fully open aura. The larger the point position, the greater the aura. A square and round face is a must-have, revealing a small face!

8) 13-14mm drag and hold style, exuding a queen's temperament and a strong sense of presence! The larger the bead, the more eye-catching it becomes, and the more elegant it is. It is suitable for enhancing personal temperament and aura in the workplace

No matter what face shape or style you like, as long as you master the skills of choosing pearl earrings, I believe that pearls will definitely bring you beauty and health!

Tips for maintaining pearl earrings

1. Remember to rinse or soak with water;

2. Stay away from oil stains and acidic or alkaline substances;

3. Wear pearl earrings after putting on makeup to avoid contact between pearl earrings and hair gel, perfume, nail wash and other cosmetics;

4. Avoid wearing pearl earrings for laundry or bathing;

5. It is best not to wear it when cooking. When cooking in the kitchen, pollutants such as steam and oil fumes in the air may seep into the pearl, causing it to turn yellow.

7. Pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry are best stored separately because pearls have a lower hardness and are prone to wear and tear. If placed together with other jewelry with higher hardness, a slight mistake can scratch the surface of the pearls and leave scratches.

8. Regular inspection: Regular inspection of pearl earrings is also essential. If the earring strap is worn for a long time, it is inevitable that it will become loose. Therefore, it is best to regularly send the earring to a professional jewelry store for inspection, check if the inlay is loose or worn, and re fix and refurbish it.

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