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Since pearls are afraid of water

December 13,2023

Pearl, as a natural gemstone, has unique charm and value. However, people often say that "Pearls are afraid of water". This is because in daily life, if pearls are exposed to water or a high-humidity environment for a long time, their texture may deteriorate, their color may darken, and even cracks may occur. This article will discuss why pearls are afraid of water and how to properly maintain pearls from aspects such as the formation, structure, and maintenance methods of pearls.


First, let’s understand the formation process of pearls.

Pearls are born in shellfish organisms in nature and are organic gemstones formed from shell secretions. When the soft parts of shellfish are irritated or invaded by foreign objects, they secrete nacre to resist external invasion. Over time, the shellfish secretes nacre, eventually forming a complete pearl.

The main component of pearls is calcium carbonate, whose chemical properties are relatively stable.

However, the structure of pearls makes them very sensitive to moisture. Pearls are made up of layers of tiny crystal structures with tiny gaps between them. When a pearl is exposed to water, moisture can seep into these tiny gaps, causing the nacre to become wet and swell. At the same time, chemicals in the water may also interact with the minerals in the pearl, causing spots or discoloration on the surface of the pearl.

The key to caring for your pearls is to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

Here are some common ways to care for your pearls:

When wearing pearl jewelry, you should try to avoid contact with water, especially salt water and chemicals. This includes activities such as swimming, bathing, and housework. Chemicals in the water may attack the surface of the pearl, affecting its luster and texture.

When storing pearl jewelry, it should be placed in a soft cloth bag or pearl box to prevent scratches or damage caused by friction with other jewelry or hard objects. At the same time, storage in high temperature and high humidity environments should be avoided to prevent pearls from absorbing moisture.

Regular cleaning of pearl jewelry is necessary. Use a clean, soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the pearl to remove dust and dirt. Never use detergents, chemical solvents, or any abrasive materials to clean pearls as these may cause damage.

Avoid exposing pearl jewelry to direct sunlight to prevent surface discoloration or fading of the pearls. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can adversely affect pearls.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone to purchase pearl jewelry from formal channels and seek maintenance advice from professionals. Regular pearl jewelry stores will usually provide detailed care instructions and services to ensure you can properly protect and extend the life of your pearls.

To sum up, pearls are very sensitive to moisture due to their special structure and composition, so they are called "pearls afraid of water". Correct maintenance methods can help us maintain the beauty and value of pearls. By avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture, cleaning regularly, and storing in a suitable environment, we can extend the life of our pearls so they continue to shine with alluring brilliance.


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