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What should be paid attention to in the daily wear and maintenance of pearl jewelry?

September 04,2023

With its roundness and luster, Pearls set off the noble and elegant temperament of women, and are deeply loved by female friends. But what are the requirements for maintaining pearls? Let me tell you about it.


Care of pearls:

1. Anti-acid erosion: In order to keep the luster and color of the pearls from being affected, avoid contacting the pearls with acids, alkalis and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, and styling water. So please wear your lovely pearls after makeup.

2. Keep away from the kitchen: There are tiny pores on the surface of pearls, so it is not suitable to let it inhale dirty substances in the air. Pearls absorb substances like hairspray, perfume, etc. So don't wear beautiful pearls to the hairdresser, and be careful in the kitchen. Do not wear beautiful pearls for cooking, as steam and oily smoke may seep into the pearls and turn them yellow.

3. Serve with cashmere cloth: After wearing pearls (especially on hot days), you must wipe the pearls clean before putting them away, so as to maintain the luster of the pearls. It is best to use sheepskin or delicate flannel instead of facial tissue, because the friction of some facial tissue will wear the pearls.

4.Not near clear water: Do not clean the  pearl necklace  with water. Water can get inside the pores of the bead, not only making it difficult to wipe dry, it may ferment inside and the bead strands may turn green. If you sweat a lot while wearing it, you can carefully wipe it off with a soft damp towel, let it dry naturally and put it back into the jewelry box. Occasionally, it can be washed with light alkaline water to maintain the moisture of the pearls (only for pearls strung with nylon threads, not suitable for pearls strung with silk threads). After the pearl turns yellow, it can be remedied in this way: soak it in dilute hydrochloric acid to dissolve the yellowed shell, so that the pearl can reproduce its crystal, brilliant and charming color (it is not recommended for ordinary people to do it by themselves). But if the color turns yellow badly, it is difficult to reverse.

5. Need air: Do not put pearls in a safe for a long time, and do not seal them with plastic bags. Pearls need fresh air and they need to be taken out and worn every few months to let them breathe. If it is placed in the box for a long time, the pearls will easily turn yellow.

6. Avoid exposure to the sun: Since pearls contain a certain amount of water, pearls should be placed in a cool place, try to avoid direct sunlight, or place them in a place that is too dry to avoid dehydration of pearls.7. Anti-scratch by hard objects: Pearl jewelry should be stored separately to prevent other jewelry from scratching the pearl skin. If you plan to wear the bead chain on clothing, the texture of the clothing should be soft and slippery. Materials that are too rough may scratch your precious pearls.

8. Store flat: Do not hang up the bead chain for a long time, as the thread will loosen and deform after a long time, it should be stored flat.

9. Removal Note: When removing the pearl necklace, be careful not to pull the buttons of the pearl necklace too hard, and treat accessories such as them gently, because pearl necklaces are generally made of thread. May break. Accessories may also be damaged.

10. Regular inspection and thread change every 3 years: For pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, etc., the silk thread is easy to loose after a long time. After wearing it for 1 to 2 years, regular maintenance and cleaning, check whether the silk thread is loose, and replace the silk thread; 3-year thread replacement: Pearls are best re-stringed every 3 years, depending on how often they are worn. Dirt that enters the small holes of the beads creates friction that breaks the nylon thread, and the force near the button is applied to the broken position.

pearl wearing

1. The matching of  pearl necklace  style and season Generally speaking, shorter necklaces can be worn in summer and autumn, because the collar openings of these two seasons are larger. Lengthened pearl necklaces can generally be worn outside woolen sweaters in winter and spring. Cheongsam, wedding dress and other clothing can be equipped with two or three sets of pearl necklaces, so as to better bring out your noble and elegant femininity.

2. The combination of pearl jewelry and face shape. For short face shapes, it is advisable to wear a slender or pendant pearl necklace. For those with a long face, it is advisable to choose short and thick or double or triple row pearl necklaces. Earrings can be large circular Pearl earrings, which can achieve the effect of shortening the face. Round face shaped slender jewelry with vertical lines, such as thin chain earrings, pole earrings, and pearl necklaces with pendants, achieve the effect of "stretching" the face. For those with a triangular face shape, the inverted triangular face, also known as the melon seed face, does not require much jewelry style and can be freely chosen. The combination of pearl jewelry with clothing color and skin tone. The color or texture of pearls should be coordinated with the skin tone and clothing color, and the same color scheme can create a harmonious aesthetic. Color combinations with large contrasts should be appropriate to create a dynamic atmosphere. People with darker skin tones should not wear pearls that are too bright and bright. They can choose silver white, such as pearl earrings, to conceal the dullness of their skin tone; Women with fair and tender skin are suitable for any color, and wearing red and dark earrings will have a better effect, highlighting the radiance of the skin tone.

3. The combination of pearl jewelry with age, occasion, and identity is usually suitable for petite girls aged 12 to 16. They can choose necklaces with smaller pearl particles, which are exquisite and compact, and are very popular at Christmas and birthday parties. Girls between the ages of 16 and 24, who are slightly older, can choose pearl necklaces between 6 and 6.5mm, which can be used at school gatherings. Sizes ranging from 7.5 to 8mm are the best choice for women aged 25 to 30. Wearing a professional suit and a pearl necklace on the first day of work is not very fancy, giving the boss a sense of sophistication and sophistication. Or as a gift for the bride at the wedding, it is also suitable for any important occasion such as Mother's Day, Secretary's Day, or Valentine's Day. Women aged 30 to 45 can choose pearls ranging from 8.5 to 9mm, which are slightly more expensive. When worn, they are elegant, classic, and fashionable. As a management woman, wearing them alleviates the serious and cold image of subordinates and looks more approachable. It is also very appropriate to wear it for company gatherings or as a wedding anniversary gift. Women over 45 years old can choose pearls ranging from 9.5 to 10mm, ensuring a perfect fit for Mother's Day, Christmas, or any occasion.

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