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Who is not suitable to wear pearls?

November 20,2023

1. People who are still young usually wear  Pearls with a more mature and stable temperament, which can reveal the elegance and nobility of pearls. If they are too young, wearing pearls will have the opposite effect. Not only does it appear that the whole person is too old-fashioned, but it also lowers their personal aura, making pearl jewelry appear without any texture. So in terms of age selection, it is still important to be suitable for oneself.

2. Obese people nowadays, many elderly people like to wear pearls. Although their age is more suitable, pearls themselves are round and plump. Obese people wearing them appear elegant and dignified, without a neck. People who want to look slimmer should not wear pearl jewelry, and choosing jewelry that suits them should still promote their strengths and avoid weaknesses.


3. We all know that people with dark skin tones tend to have brighter colors of pearls, mostly milky white, yellow, or pearly. If a person with a darker skin color wears pearl jewelry, it will appear that their overall complexion is worse, and it will also add a darker complexion.

4.People who are prone to sweating have pearls cultivated from water resources. When a person's body fluids are more developed, they will cause pearls to stick together. Additionally, people who have a tendency to heat their bodies are more likely to cause pearls to lose more water, resulting in a decrease in glossiness.

What are the secrets of the pearl industry?

Pearlis actually the simplest and most transparent variety in the jewelry category~there is no secret in this industry, right~

However, it's still good to borrow questions to give everyone a little knowledge about pearls

I hope everyone can better understand the common sense of 'pearls'~~

Pearls are not round and round

Speaking of pearls, what comes to mind must be such a perfect picture


The impression of such a beautiful pearl image is too profound, so ordinary people will have the misconception that the pearls are all perfectly round and flawless. However, if you go to the pearl market and take a walk, you will know how rare round, flawless, and glossy pearls are. The pearls that retail customers see in the hands of merchants cannot be said to be one in a thousand or even one in a thousand. Taking two real-life photos of Zhuji  Freshwater PearlBreeding Base as an example.


Circle? Flawless? Perfect? Are you stunned? If this is a nucleated freshwater pearl, then let's take a look at the nucleated freshwater pearl - the beautiful all purple pearl picture in front of Edison pearl is the most popular variety among Edison pearls. Now, there are many live streaming shops on Taobao that specialize in selling this purple Edison, What is the real situation with some shops even taking chest shots to ensure that each one is perfectly round and flawless, with a rich purple color as the top grade? Let's take a look at this Taobao buyer show. It's very authentic. Pay attention to what the buyer wrote, there are only 2 flawless pearls. Let's take a look at the appearance of most pearls. This is the norm for true pearls.

If you ask again, what about seawater pearls? Will Akoya and Nanyangzhu do the same? Of course. It is extremely difficult to grow into a round, flawless, and perfect pearl even if it is artificially implanted with a round pearl nucleus! Nowadays, customers have long been spoiled by retailers, such as flower beads, Heavenly Maidens, Special Selection, and meticulously selected high-end goods. In the eyes of customers, they are easily available and waiting for them to pick and choose. So where do ordinary people know that Akoy and Nanyang Zhu also have a lot of imperfections. The following pictures are Baroque in Akoya


Let's take a look at the Baroque of Nanyang Pearl again


This photo of the Pearl Pyramid can better illustrate the entire problem

Although the image may have become blurry over time, we can see that

There are very few pearls at the top of the pyramid, while there are many pearls at the bottom.


So, when you see round pearls, please be sure to understand this concept [round pearls are not the norm, but the exquisite products selected after eliminating countless irregular pearls]

Pearls are not flawless retail customers, and their impression of pearls is that they should be flawless. They are all deceived by advertising videos. The most important thing pearl merchants want to say is that pearls are not flawless!!! Perfect and flawless pearls are very rare!!! Don't come up and say I want flawless pearls!!! Perhaps you want to say, why can't you see any flaws in the pearl pictures you took? This looks like every one is flawless.


Firstly, the accuracy of mobile phone shooting is inherently limited,

Secondly, there is a certain distance for shooting,

Thirdly, the defects of pearls are actually very small, and it is difficult to detect defects on mobile phones,

Fourthly, when the pearl is bright, it has a certain masking effect on defects.

There are usually two types of pearl defects in the industry: naked pearls and necklaces. Please remember that the defect requirements for bare beads are higher than those for necklaces.

First, let's talk about the classification of defect levels for bare beads

Flawless, the pearl as a whole is flawless, but there may be certain growth patterns, water ripples, etc. If it is flawless and without lines, and the skin is completely smooth, then bare beads are the highest quality and most perfect. However, in reality, this naked bead really... Not at all, let's say very little~

After drilling, the pearl is flawless, meaning that after drilling, the pearl is flawless.

Extremely minor flaws, usually there are some lines, small dots, and slight dents on the pearl, which are not carefully observed or noticed

Minor flaws generally refer to situations where the surface of pearls has needle holes, small dents, etc., which are easier to see with the naked eye. There may be several areas where some styles of inlay can cover the defects, and the surface of pearls seen after inlay can be flawless. Pearl defects are relatively concentrated, and can be covered by inlay. After inlay, the surface of the pearl is flawless, which is known as "having a surface" in jargon. If you see a merchant saying "having a surface can make goods", it means that the pearl has defects and you need to choose a style for inlay. After inlay, the surface is flawless

There are many defects, such as needle holes and dents, and the inlay cannot completely cover them. Defects can be seen from any angle. The following defect diagram can intuitively sense the differences at different levels

The defect requirements of the string are much lower than those of bare beads.

If we say a necklace is flawless, it means that wearing it on the body at a normal social distance does not show any flaws, which meets the definition of a necklace being flawless. Usually, pearl necklaces are worn without any visible defects.

High quality pearl necklaces are usually at the "extremely minor flaw - minor flaw level" in transactions, and even high-quality representatives in Akoya, such as flower beads, celestial maidens, and even special options, cannot avoid some flaws. It may be surface protrusions, pits, wrinkles, growth lines, etc. We can see from the certificate of true scientific research in Japan that the defect ratings of Hua Zhu and Tian Nu are both at the level of 'micro'. According to the standards commonly used in domestic commerce, the defects of Hua Zhu and Tian Nu are 'extremely minor'.

At the same time, retail customers should also note that the degree of defects varies with the size of the pearl, especially on large-sized Nanyang pearls. The larger the size of the pearl, the more defects it has, and the standards will also be relaxed accordingly. If there is a pit on the Akoya pearl that is extremely minor/flaw, then the three pits on the Nanyang pearl are also extremely minor/flaw.

Taking this 13mm maximum Australian white pearl (True Research Phoenix Certificate) as an example, we can see that there are several small pits on several large pearls, but they are relatively small and inconspicuous compared to the size of the beads. The entire necklace appears to have no obvious defects and is clean overall. This necklace is extremely flawed. Such small pits are very small flaws for large-sized Nanyang pearls.


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