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Why do pearls become precious?

November 02,2023

If there is a type of jewelry that can combine nobility and romance, elegance and rebellion, classic and fashion, it must be the Pearl of the 21st century!

In ancient times, primitive humans discovered pure white Pearls with colorful halos while searching for food by the sea, and were attracted by their crystal beauty. Since then, pearls have become popular ornaments and have been passed down to this day.


Song Yingxing said in the article "Heavenly Craft: Jewels and Jade": "Every pearl must produce a clam's belly... for the longest time, it is a precious treasure." A grain of sand and dust sank deep into the soft abdominal cavity of the clam, and the clam secreted its own body fluid to wrap the sand layer by layer, using softness to overcome hardness, and ultimately obtained a precious treasure. So Pearl is a true hardcore beauty, who has achieved a beautiful legend at the cost of her life journey.


It is the only jewelry in nature that does not require processing.Pearl, with its sparkling color and moonlike radiance, has been synonymous with nobility and elegance since it was discovered by humans.

Pearl "literally means" cherish "," cherish "," cherish "," cherish "," cherish ", and" precious jewelry ".


In the jewelry industry, pearl is known as the "Five Emperors and One Empress" and is the queen of the jewelry industry. At the same time, Eastern people praise it as the "gem on the moon" and believe that it can consolidate friendship, strengthen mind and memory

Pearl Classics and Fashion


The symbolism and rounded appearance of pearls have always been beloved by women. Unlike the sharp and shining feeling of gemstones, the beauty of pearls lies in their warmth like water. They never make a fuss, but they make it difficult for you to take your gaze away.

If there is a piece of jewelry that can be worn from autumn and winter to spring and summer, from commuting to daily travel, then it must be a pearl. Its versatile style and rich selection can handle all seasons and occasions, making it a must-have entry-level jewelry for every woman.

Whether it is a member of the royal family or a goddess of the masses, everyone is pearl controlled. It is not only a standard accessory in the upper class society, but also has no class or age restrictions, far more approachable than diamonds.

For the royal nobility, a single basic pearl necklace is often not enough, among which the three-layer pearl necklace is the queen's iconic jewelry. Every time they meet with the public, they like to use it to decorate themselves.

The young queen played by Claire Faye in "The Crown" also wore this style of pearl necklace when shaping her image, indicating her deeply rooted position

Long history and noble status


Pearl has been one of the most expensive gemstones for a long time, and even for various reasons, its popularity in Western palaces exceeded that of diamonds in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is a clear symbol of identity and status in both Eastern and Western cultures. From the crowns of Western kings, it is not difficult to find that the five most common gemstones that appear in crowns are diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Even if there is no sapphire on some crowns, pearls are definitely indispensable.

In our Chinese history, pearls have also been a clear symbol of imperial power. According to the origin of pearls, the Qing Dynasty divided them into Dongzhu from Northeast Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang, Songhua River, and Nanzhu from Beihai and Zhanjiang in Guangxi. Due to the fact that the Manchu rulers of the Qing Dynasty were themselves from Northeast China, they recognized pearls from their hometowns more. Therefore, Dongzhu was the highest ranked gem in the Qing Dynasty's ritual system. The most obvious example is the Chaozhu. As a clear symbol of rank and status, only three people are qualified to use the Chaozhu made from Dongzhu, namely the emperor, empress, and empress dowager. In addition, the imperial concubines and concubines in the harem also use Dongzhu on their headgear. Therefore, the Qing royal family has always monopolized the fishing resources of Dongzhu, and from fishing to use, it is directly controlled by the royal family, and it is strictly prohibited for the general public to use.

Rare natural pearl production

There is an ancient Chinese saying that rare things are precious. Many people may think that this sparse refers to low production, but in my opinion, this sparse refers to a shortage of supply. And natural pearls are exactly like this. Since their discovery in 2000 BC, they have been regarded as peerless treasures in various parts of the world, even symbolizing power and status. Therefore, for a long time in Western civilization, pearls were compared to diamonds, and the prices of the two were equally high.

It was not until the 1920s that natural pearls were neglected and prices fluctuated due to the successful large-scale introduction of cultured pearls by Mr. Yukimoto Shinji, the father of pearl farming. It was not until the 1970s that people once again realized the rarity of natural pearls that natural pearls returned to the mainstream market and became the high priced gemstones at auctions today.

Pearl prices have risen for three consecutive years!


CCTV report: Pearl prices have risen for three consecutive years! An increase is 20%! The supply of pearl clams is in short supply, and the price of pearls has skyrocketed, slightly higher than last year, about 15% -20% higher. The current market price should be around 50000 yuan per kilogram, with approximately 550 such pearls per kilogram. Experts estimate that the price of pearls will continue to rise, and the collection value is self-evident!

Although pearls have become more common after successful cultivation, this does not mean that natural pearls no longer have value, but rather become rarer due to the lack of purposeful mining, which means that they become increasingly valuable. Generally, natural pearls do not appear in the market and are often sold through auction.

On November 14, 2019, a  natural pearl pendant  belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette of France was auctioned at Sotheby's Geneva for approximately 240 million yuan (including commission). This price far exceeded people's understanding of natural pearls and became the highest natural pearl auction price to date.

Sotheby also auctioned a very rare natural pearl necklace called "Cowdray Pearls" at the 2016 Hong Kong Autumn Auction, which was once a private collection of British jewelry collector Viscount Cowdray.

Composed of 42 rare natural seawater pearls, it is a natural black pearl with brilliant pink, purple, and green hues, of extremely high quality. Due to the rarity of natural black pearls, making a necklace with similar luster, shape, and size for each pearl is extremely difficult.

Pearl is a symbol of elegance, giving people a touch of elegance, and the more they understand it, the more they become obsessed with it. Choosing the right pearl jewelry to wear is the finishing touch!

As a professional in the industry for many years, I certainly know that there are 6-7 digits in the auction of a single so-called Dragon Ball, but it is really normal for precious gemstones to have 6-7 digits frequently, even at the entry-level price of some categories (three carat high-quality unburned red blue/Columbia green). Most of the light/seawater pearls have sufficient stock to support the market's flow due to their large-scale mature breeding model (compared to a real Jedi warrior that is difficult to find). Without stock, the market cannot be supported, and without circulation, it is difficult to expand this plate, let alone call it a "market". Pearls are ultimately consumables, as a second-hand gemstone (except for emerald, which is slightly more delicate due to its brittleness) is dismantled and a new certificate is issued. It can increase or even double its price according to market trends, but second-hand pearls are difficult to appreciate (unless there is a halo worn by celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor's wanderer or a wild water droplet pearl of a certain queen). But as an entry-level jewelry, the price of pearls is indeed the biggest advantage, as well as its undeniable presence. Spend 20000 to 30000 yuan to buy a red and blue gem, which may not be visible on camera. People around you may not understand the jewelry market, and players may not understand the precious gemstones of Kashmir, Myanmar, and Colombia. But buying a string of pearls for Xiaowan will significantly enhance the wearer's temperament, commonly known as the sense of jewelry (when the brightness is in place).

In addition, it cannot be ignored that the unique cultural value bestowed on pearls has always symbolized wealth, beauty, happiness, and nobility throughout history. In history, she was regarded as a symbol of status by princes and nobles, and the common people used pearls to symbolize happiness, peace, and auspiciousness. And now, pearls are also listed as lucky stones for their June birthdays by the international gemstone industry, and commemorative stones for their thirteenth and thirtieth wedding anniversaries, making them truly the "Queen of Jewelry"

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