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what's the most beautiful way to wear a pearl necklace?

August 08,2023

It is said that women wearing Pearls are the most elegant.

Because  pearls  are truly magical, they come with a retro and elegant temperament without any pairing, making it difficult for women to resist. A  pearl necklace  is truly a treasure item that can be worn for a lifetime. Because no matter how old you are, it can make you shine.

Let you be fearless of the traces left by the trials of time, beautiful enough to be careless and even more touching.

No wonder the Queen of England has been loving pearls for decades


Mrs. Thatcher, the Iron Lady, is also known for her pearl charms.

She once said, "You can persuade me to take off my hat, but the pearl is definitely not negotiable


But do you want to say, then why doesn't my pearl necklace have such a beautiful effect and can't get the beauty of a pearl necklace?

1. Do pearl necklaces also have different length?


Firstly, you need to know that the style of pearl necklaces is most influenced by the length of the necklace!

Whether it's a designer or a wearer, the first thing to consider when choosing a pearl necklace is the length of the necklace.

Basically, pearl necklaces are divided into six types based on their length as shown in the following figure:


1)Pearl Collar

Length: approximately 14 inches, 30 centimeters

Collar is the shortest pearl necklace, characterized by being located only above the collarbone, perfectly looping around the neck, tightly fitting the neck.

This pearl necklace has a very luxurious vibe of the Victorian era, and can be worn alone or stacked with several beads of the same length but different sizes, allowing women to freely transition from a gentle lady to a luxurious "fashionable elite".

Princess Diana, a fashion benchmark in jewelry, loves this way of wearing:


However, Collar is not something that ordinary people can handle because it fits tightly around their neck, and is more suitable for people with long necks to wear. However, if you feel that your neck is too long, you can also use this necklace to coordinate the proportion.

Generally, Collars are paired with V-neck, boat neck clothing, or off shoulder low cut evening gowns for formal occasions, because wearing them in this way can particularly elevate the body shape and temperament, and the femininity can also be explosive in minutes.

2).Pearl Choker

Length: approximately 16 inches, 41 centimeters


In recent years, the super popular "Choker" necklace has a very practical length, hanging just at the collarbone position, showing a very thin and streamlined appearance. The classic style and diverse uses make the Choker not only suitable for daily life, such as pairing with suits and simple one piece dresses; It is also suitable for slightly formal occasions, the most common is to pair it with a small skirt, making it extremely stylish!


3)Princess necklace

Length: approximately 18 inches, 46 centimeters


The Princess necklace, in everyone's impression, is probably the most classic and classic pearl necklace.

This pearl necklace is slightly longer than the Choker and hangs slightly below the collarbone. This length of necklace can exactly form a small V-shaped line at the neck, suitable for women with round faces or less slender necks to wear, embellishing your contour and giving you a simple and atmospheric look.


4) Martinee necklace

Length: approximately 24 inches, 60 centimeters


Matinee is longer than Princess and can be worn one or two times, making it more suitable for women with round faces or shorter necks. Especially when it is wound twice, it can create a sense of layering and visually stretch the body, making it very suitable for women with petite figures to wear. If everything from Collar, Choker to Princess is more suitable for wearing directly on exposed skin, then pearl necklaces starting from Matinee are more suitable for wearing on clothes. Overall, wearing Matinee is perfect for pairing with high necklines or less lightweight clothing. The long V-shaped lines that hang down can also serve to divide the color blocks of the front clothing, achieving a slimming effect.


5)Extra Long - Opera&Rope necklace

Length: Opera approximately 30 inches, 76 centimeters

Rope approximately 33 inches, 85 centimeters


These two ultra long pearl necklaces both have a very obvious era characteristic of the 1920s, namely a flashy and exaggerated sense of luxury.

Opera and Rope, because they are long enough, have the most changes and can be worn in a single loop, creating a good sense of layering overall; It can also be wrapped into multiple loops to appear elegant and luxurious.

It should be noted that in the past, Opera and Rope could only be paired with formal dresses, but now there is no such emphasis. It doesn't matter if you don't often wear small dresses or formal dresses. It looks great when paired with sweaters and shirts for work, as it exudes an elegant and elegant look.


After understanding different lengths of pearl necklaces, your fashionable pearl cultivation progress has only been completed by 30%. In addition to the length of the necklace, the following points are also the scoring points for the charm of wearing pearl necklaces

2. How to choose the pearl size of a pearl necklace

I don't know if you have noticed that the pearls in the single ring pearl necklace chosen by the political and commercial royal families are each very large?

Hillary is no exception. She prefers large and round white pearls, and the earrings should be paired with equally prominent Ma Beizhu, which is very expensive:


As the saying goes, pearls are "seven parts of a pearl, eight parts of a treasure". If you are like a royal family or a political figure, it is best to wear a single ring pearl necklace to attend important occasions. It is best to choose each pearl with a size of 8-10mm, which looks full of momentum and truly gives a luxurious and extraordinary impression.


3. How to choose the pearl shape of pearl necklace?

Different shapes of pearls, such as circular, droplet shaped, and nearly circular, also have different effects on reflecting fashion.

Want to highlight an elegant atmosphere? A round pearl necklace is always the most infallible choice.


Do you want to be trendy and interesting?

Baroque style pearl necklaces are a great choice, with a unique shape and absolute individuality.

Do you want something more special? Then choose an irregular pearl necklace!

The term 'irregularity' here can refer to irregular pearl sizes or irregular pearl string techniques, either of which can highlight the personality of treasure enthusiasts.


Using different colors of pearls to jump colors and match, like Princess Dai, is very in line with her unrestricted style.

Alternatively, a necklace made of pearl and metal material can add a sense of layering and fashion to the entire accessory.


4. How to choose the pearl color of pearl necklace?

We all know that in addition to the common white color scheme, pearls also have black, gold, pink, purple, champagne, and other colors. Each color also has a unique color language.

White pearls symbolize purity and elegance, are the most gentle and classic, so white pearls are often chosen to match the wedding dress at weddings. Strong women in sharp suits will also choose white pearls if they want to add a soft temperament.


The noble and mysterious nature of Black Pearl is very suitable for political and business women who are low-key and have status, but cannot easily show their joy and anger. Hillary's use of a black pearl necklace paired with white clothing can make women look more attractive


Golden wealth and luxury belong to the type of expensive jewelry that is particularly suitable for sisters who showcase their individuality.

Like Queen Elizabeth II of England and Queen Sofia of Spain, they are all loyal fans of gold beads. They often use gold beads necklace with gold beads earrings, which looks elegant and dignified.


5. How to wear a pearl necklace without repeating its beauty for 365 days?

90% of treasure enthusiasts should be able to learn the pearl necklace matching rules taught above in three minutes.

So, how to wear a pearl necklace with a higher level of design?

1)Overlap method

Overlapping should be a classic pearl necklace wearing method that everyone is familiar with. The British Queen Elizabeth II often wears it in this way. She likes to decorate herself in this way whenever she meets the public. When choosing a complex and multi-layered necklace wearing method, the matching clothing should be subtracted, and single colors should be chosen as much as possible, with concise lines as the main style.


Of course, if treasure enthusiasts feel like they can't hold onto this grandiose style, they can try the currently popular minimalist folding method.

A precious metal necklace, combined with a pearl necklace, is classic and modern, making it unforgettable.


2)spiral method

This wearing method is somewhat unique, suitable for pearl necklaces with smaller diameters. Wearing it well often attracts more attention, and is even praised for its dexterity


3)Embellishment method

Do you think wearing a single loop pearl necklace is a bit monotonous? Pair it with a pendant or brooch as an embellishment to make the V-line more sharp, revealing the collarbone and making it more unique. The matching pendant can also have full variations, with materials that can be pearls or other gemstones, and colors that can be more diverse and varied


4)Knotting method

If pearl necklaces worn by treasure enthusiasts are particularly long, they can refer to Princess Diana's method of wearing them: tie a knot on the chest to modify the facial lines and elongate the body, while highlighting the luxurious temperament; When wearing a backless outfit, you can also wrap the knot around the chest to the back, not only embellishing the back, but also adding unexpected highlights and beauty.


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